[BioC] How do you sort the differentially expressed genes?

De-Jian ZHAO zhaodj at ioz.ac.cn
Wed Jan 24 16:51:02 CET 2007

Dear members,

I am seeking for an efficient way to sort the genes into different 

I am working on the analysis of the microarray data and now I encounter a 
problem. After getting the differentially expressed genes, I want to sort 
them into different categories according to their functions. However, I find 
it hard to set up a criteria to classify them. Now I am trying to employ the 
KEGG Orthology to facilitate the sortation, but the genes without the KO 
entries become homeless. I wonder  how you sort the genes. Furthermore, if 
anyone has used the GO Slim to classify the genes, please give a comment on 

Thank you.

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