[BioC] Fitting mixture of beta-distributions

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This method has been implemented in our java based software HDBSTAT. It is available at 
http://www.ssg.uab.edu/hdbstat/ . It is a mature, standalone desktop application for microarray data analysis that implements the mix-o-matic procedure.

If there is enough interest we will consider releasing this method as part of an R package on a 12 month timeframe.

Hope this helps.

Tapan Mehta
Statistician 1
Section on Statistical Genetics,
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
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Subject: [BioC] Fitting mixture of beta-distributions

Dear all!

I assume that some of you are aware of a paper by Allison et al from 
2002 where they discuss fitting a mixture of beta-distributions (one of 
them being the uniform) to the distribution of p-values from a 
microarray experiment.

Has this been implemented into Bioconductor somewhere or is one of you 
aware of other R libraries that could help with fitting mixture of betas?


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