[BioC] Single Channel Approach for Agilent Arrays

Naomi Altman naomi at stat.psu.edu
Tue Oct 3 05:13:17 CEST 2006

While I always use the single channel approach for loop designs, I 
see no compelling reason to use it for a reference design, which is 
what you have here.
Since you appear to have technical replicates for the dye swap, I 
would use the 2-channel approach, and save the "blocks" for the 
technical replications.


At 09:17 AM 10/2/2006, Gaj Stan (BIGCAT) wrote:
>Dear BioConductor-user,
>I've recently tested out Chapter 9 in the Limma user documentation 
>concerning applying single channel approach on Agilent arrays. My 
>experimental setup consists of two different (pooled) food 
>interventions in dye flip using the same control sample (n=4 - For 
>each experiment, 1 array + dye-flip). I assume that my ultimate 
>single-channel design matrix would look like this
>         fControl        fFood1          fFood2
>(1)     1       0       0
>(2)     0       1       0
>(3)     0       1       0
>(4)     1       0       0
>(5)     1       0       0
>(6)     0       0       1
>(7)     0       0       1
>(8)     1       0       0
>Food1_vs_Control.Cy3 (1)
>Food1_vs_Control.Cy5 (2)
>Control_vs_Food1.Cy3 (3)
>Control_vs_Food1.Cy5 (4)
>Food2_vs_Control.Cy3 (5)
>Food2_vs_Control.Cy5 (6)
>Control_vs_Food2.Cy3 (7)
>Control_vs_Food2.Cy5 (8)
>Question 1: Am I missing any information here? Because if I do this 
>as suggested in the manual, I get a matrix with some extra (and 
>empty) attributes such as assign (1,1,1), contrasts (NULL) and 
>contrasts$f ("contr.treatment"). Are these attributes necessary for 
>further steps?
>Question 2: In my normal two-channel analysis approach I added an 
>extra column in my design file that includes the DyeEffect in the 
>statistical analysis (Ebayes) afterwards. Do I need to include them 
>here as well?
>The next part is calculating the intraspotCorrelation, based upon 
>the design file above. When executing, I get the following error: 
>"Missing or Infinite Values found in M or A". This error should 
>indeed occur, since individual spots of bad quality were flagged as 
>NA before normalization, resulting in no M or A value (missing 
>value). Is there a way to omit these spots from the 
>intraspotCorrelation function (By changing them to 0 it might have 
>an effect on the average correlation factor?) or does something else 
>need to be done to solve this?
>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
>Best wishes,
>    Stan
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