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Thu Mar 23 15:28:47 CET 2006

Thanks Seth and Jim.  I browsed omegahat but I could only find the .tar.gz package for SSOAP


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>> Is it possible to get the zip file for SSOAP for windows rather than
>> use biocLite?  Some people I want to give access to don't have access
>> to the internet.  I looked on bioconductor.org and couldn't find the
>> zip file ....
> When you use biocLite, you also get the zip file - note the second to
> last line in this R session:

You can also specify a 'destdir' argument and the package should get
downloaded there (and not deleted when you quit R).

The SSOAP package is provided by the Omegahat project
(http://www.omegahat.org) and you may be able to browse for a download

+ seth

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