[BioC] Package installation problem...

James W. MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Mon Mar 13 20:04:20 CET 2006

kannaiah at bsd.uchicago.edu wrote:
> Hello,
> A newbie here to R. I have it installed on a linux machine.
> I installed the bioconductor packages recently. 
> Was having problem with the package "hgu133plus2", "hgu133plus2cdf" and
> "hgu133plus2probe" 
> when i type in library(hgu133plus2) at the R prompt, i get the ERROR:
> Error in library(hgu133plus2cdf) : 'hgu133plus2cdf' is not a valid package --
> installed < 2.0.0?

This usually indicates some problem with the installation. How exactly 
did you install these packages?

Anyway, the most efficient way to fix this is to re-install.

biocLite(paste("hgu133plus2", c("", "cdf", "probe"), sep=""))

Also, when you post please remember to give the ouput of sessionInfo() 
so we know what versions of things you are using.



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