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I don't know much about the Genespring software but you may want to
compare the various SVM control parameters. Or have you already done
The important ones are usually 

kernel, degree, gamma, and  cost 
you can see these parameters in the function typing


with no call

I think that the MLInterfaces method is a wrapper (i.e. a consistent
interface) for the svm function in package "e1071". The documentation
for this package is fairly sparse as you are expected to look at the
originating methods for details. so try:


to see specific details of these parameters

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Hi,  I am trying to use svmB in MLInterfaces for my analysis, and
look very different from what I got using svm in GeneSpring.  Does
here have experience with MLInterfaces, especially svmB?  how the
implementation of svm in MLInterfaces (or R) differ from that in
Thanks a lot.

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