[BioC] RMAGEML: importMAGEOM returns nil pointer

Steffen Durinck sdurinck at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Mar 1 13:23:23 CET 2006

Hi Vincent,

Which version of RMAGEML are you using.  The latest versions (see 
developmental packages) all work without SJava.
When you tried to import E-CAGE-2 did you also put the MAGE-ML document 
containing the Array design  (A-MEXP-10) in the same directory?


Vincent Bloch wrote:

>I'm trying to import MAGE data into R using RMAGEML. I am using R 2.2.1, 
>Java  1.5.0_06 and SJava 0.69 under Linux.
>I managed to import the MEXP-14 dataset as suggested in the RMAGEML 
>documentation but when I try to import biggest files (E-CAGE-2 for 
>example), the JVM crashs. The problem is that the importMAGEOM function 
>returns a nil pointer.
>If I use the java sources, I can parse the xml files with no error and I 
>don't have this nil pointer so I don't understand why when I try to do 
>the same under R I have this result.
>Thanks for your help

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