[BioC] Copying text from www.bioconductor.org web pages?

Earl F. Glynn efg at stowers-institute.org
Tue Jun 27 20:45:51 CEST 2006

What's the trick to copying selected text from the www.bioconductor.org web

For example, if I want to copy the block "Citing Bioconductor" info from
there doesn't seem to be a way to copy it, or even just the URL to  go to
that page.

If I want to install Bioconductor packages using the R statements on this
there doesn't seem to be a way to copy the statements and paste them into R.
The "source" and "biocLite()" statements might as well be a graphic, since I
must manually enter them into R.  The last two times I've installed
BioConductor on a new PC I went to that page and then had to manually type
the statements since I could not copy them.

How can I copy text from www.bioconductor.org without using Select All and
pasting somewhere else before selecting the text I want?

Or is this some sort of problem with IE?


Earl F. Glynn
Stowers Institute

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