[BioC] environment

Nianhua Li nli at fhcrc.org
Wed Jun 14 01:54:13 CEST 2006


A new version (1.12.1) of  ath1121501 and ag is available at 
http://bioconductor.org/packages/1.8/Arabidopsis_thaliana.html . It was 
generated by using the same source data as was used in version 1.12.0, 
more precisely, GeneChip annotation data downloaded from Affymetrix on 
Dec 18, 2005, and gene annotation data downloaded from TAIR on March 19, 
2006. The new version has a new environment called ath1121501GENENAME 
(and agGENENAME). The data source of it was 
ftp://ftp.arabidopsis.org/home/tair/Genes/TAIR_sequenced_genes .  Hope 
it will be helpful for Afsaneh. We only have unix/linx and windows 
version available, and the OS X version will be there in about a week.


Nianhua Li
Computational Biology, PHS, FHCRC

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