[BioC] understanding of makeContrats() in Limma

Stephen Henderson s.henderson at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Jun 13 16:29:26 CEST 2006

Hi if I understand you rightly you want to know how to get each contrast
6H-0H and 24H-6H. or A and B as you say.

contrasts.fit will have worked out both. The easiest way to access is
using toptable and either select A or B using coef=1 or coef=2 e.g.

toptable(fit2, coef=1, adjust.method="fdr")
toptable(fit2, coef=2, adjust.method="fdr")

Is that what you mean?

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Hi Bioconductorians,
  In this time ,as reference documentation, i use a web doc: 23. Limma :
Linear Models for microarray data ( Of course , written by G.Smith) 
In section 23.11 , Time Course experiments, treated analyse the same way
that estrogen data.. but with some difference :
Gordon write :" which gene respond at either the 6 h OR 24 h. times in
the wt?"
>cont.wt = makeContrasts("wt.6h-wt.0h", "wt.24h-wt.6r", levels =design) 
#build a contraste matrice.
> fit2 = contrasts.fit (fit , cont.wt)
>fit2 = eBayes (fit2)
To Choose Interesting Genes
sel.wt = p.adjust(fit2$F.p.values, method = "fdr") < 0.05

in the question "which gene respond at either the 6 h OR 24 h. times in
the wt", it's set A OR set B
and to choose interesting genes , there is not distinction between A and
Hence : May be that the OR ( use here) is inclusive ( Include the AND)
=>  logical OR, by consequently, sel.wt give me the set of DEG
(differential Expressed Genes) at 6 h and 24 h...
Am I OK or OutSide.???
Thamks for your Help..
Greg Voisin 
Centre de recherche du CHUM . Montreal
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