[BioC] R hangs when applying johnson.all.pairs.sp (in library RBGL) to some graphs

Li.Long at isb-sib.ch Li.Long at isb-sib.ch
Tue Jun 6 11:02:08 CEST 2006

> Hello,
> when I apply johnson.all.pairs.sp to certain graphs, R hangs.
> The R window can still be resized, minimized etc. and the "stop current
> computation" button can be pressed (though nothing happens).
> The computation can be interrupted by attempting to close R, then pressing
> "cancel" when the "save workspace" dialogue opens. However, R then becomes
> unstable and shuts down without warning.
> The error also causes R to shut down occassionally.
> I have this problem with 2 of 35 graphs I am analysing.
> I can provide an example of a test graph if anyone would be kind enough to
> test this on their system.
> System is:
> Microsoft Windows XP Pro, SP2
> Dual Pentium Xeon processors
> 2Gb Ram
> Software is:
> R 2.3.0
> RBGL 1.7.10

Along w/ Seth's reply, could you please update RBGL to 1.8.1?  That's the
version that goes w/ R 2.3 release.



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