[BioC] automatically checking the version of a BioC package

Gregor Gorjanc gregor.gorjanc at bfro.uni-lj.si
Mon Jul 24 10:36:09 CEST 2006


burak kutlu <burak_kutlu at ...> writes:

> Hi,
> As part of our data pipeline for our database (www.t1dbase.org), our code
needs to check the version of the
> most current packages, compare them against the already installed ones and
attempt to download any
> package that is not the most current.
> How can we do this, without directly using 'update.packages' which downloads
the packages regardless of
> their version?

What do you mean by the most current version? As far as I know 'update.packages'
was written exactly for this i.e. to update packages on your machine to the most
current version in the repository. Additionally, you are asked which candidates
for updates should be updated.


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