[BioC] MySQL databases offering gene expression, esp. toxicogenomics data

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I don't know about any mysql db for toxicogenomics but I guess you're interested in the data rather than the underlying database software. There's the ILSI project on collecting toxicogenomics data together with classical toxicology measures. Check www.ilsi.org and search for toxicogenomics (actually it does not return much ...).

We've participated in this cross-institutional/company project and submitted our data to ArrayExpress at the EBI, others have submitted theirs to GEO at the NCBI. You could look for 'ILSI' related projects in there. ArrayExpress returns 14 experiments.

Sounds like a big project to gather all this data in areasonable way ...

I know that GeneLogic offers a commercial database with in-house generated expression data + toxicities for several reference compounds in several tissues.

	hope this helps,


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Dear Bioconductor mailing group,

  I would like to ask if anyone knows of a solid toxicogenomics database 
under MySQL - i.e. one with expression profiles for a number of toxicities. 
If it helps, the toxicities I am interested in are hepatotoxicities. I am a 
little shaky on just who gets to use MySQL and who does not, especially for 
Bioinformatians, so perhaps if someone could run over this for me, that 
would be greatly appreciated as well.


Norman Goodacre

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