[BioC] Missing chromosomal locations in hgu133a package

Hilmar Berger hilmar.berger at imise.uni-leipzig.de
Tue Jul 18 18:09:24 CEST 2006

Hi Jianhua,

thanks for Your answer. I'm aware of the fact I could create annotation 
packages on my own using AnnBuilder. However, the comparison I mentioned 
was of GoldenPath data and annotation packages of about the same date 
(mid 2005), and even current annotation packages show this discrepancy 
in the number of chromosomal locations provided in hgu133a.  So I 
wondered if there is some good reason to not provide chromosomal 
locations for some probesets (e.g. unreliable mappings in GoldenPath) or 
if this is because of special paths AnnBuilder uses to merge all sources.


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