[BioC] How to create expression data packages

Srinivas Iyyer srini_iyyer_bio at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 17 21:48:19 CEST 2006

Dear group, 
 I have 15 gene expression studies.  I have raw data
for these (some are GEO datasets). 

I could make esets for these datasets. 

i want to create  expression data packages, so that my
peers can also use these datasets for their analysis. 

I have the following components for each dataset:
2.expression data matrix
3. detailed annotations including clinical variables
embeded into phenoData. 

I could make an eset for these:

eset <- new('exprSet',data = exp.mat, phenoData=pheno)

from now on how can I go ahead and make expression
data library. 

Is there any step-by-step procedure to create a
experimental data library. 

could any one pls. help me.


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