[BioC] GOstats/tkWidgets/gcrma conflict

mattia mattia.pelizzola at unimib.it
Tue Nov 22 18:50:00 CET 2005

Dear All,

I need the libraries GOstats, tkWidgets and gcrma.
I'm not able to load them, independently from the order in a Windows 2000 
professional system with R2.2 and the current Bioc1.7 packages.
I get a generic fatal error ("Rgui.exe caused an error and will be closed.." 
sorry but this is a translation from the error message in italian..)
I can successfully loading them in pairs..

I also tried with Windows 2000, R2.1 and Bioc 1.6, and I have got the same 
No problems on Suse 9.3, R2.1, BioC 1.7...

tkWidgets and gcrma are in the dependencies of a package X that I have 
I really would not need them in the same moment, but they are obviously loaded 
when loading the package X.

I unsuccessfully tried to detach them before loading GOstats (the last one 
that I need):
.... some code that uses these two libraries....
#detach("package:gcrma")  #gcrma depends on both matchprobes and affy packages
but that did not help.

Conversely if I load:
I get no errors..

I'm a bit confused, about libraries having or not namespace, but it seems to 
me that 'detach(libY)' does not restore a clean workspace as before loading 

do you have any hints on the reason of this error, or on the way to 'fully' 
unload the a library (in this case gcrma)?

thanks in advance


Mattia Pelizzola
PhD Student
Genopolis Consortium
Milano-Bicocca University
P.zza della Scienza 4
20126 Milano (Italy)

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