[BioC] Help on Loading AgilentData into LIMMA

Nataliya Yeremenko eremenko at science.uva.nl
Wed Nov 9 00:00:23 CET 2005

Dear Gordon
Dear David

Thanx a lot for the suggestion - it works fine now.
I'm only starter in the field so much more questions will come soon,
meanwhile I'll try different possibilities offered by LIMMA.

I  downloaded and installed manually newer version of LIMMA from CRAN as 
you suggested.


Dr. Nataliya Yeremenko 

Universiteit van Amsterdam
Faculty of Science
IBED/AMB (Aquatische Microbiologie)
Nieuwe Achtergracht 127
NL-1018WS Amsterdam
the Netherlands

tel. + 31 20 5257089
fax  + 31 20 5257064

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