[BioC] matchprobes for GCRMA

Victoria Perreau vperreau at uci.edu
Sat Sep 18 03:26:15 CEST 2004

I am a biologist, and new to "R" and Bioconductor, however I have 
performed RMA analysis on my chips using the affy package and am now 
trying to do GCRMA. I have downloaded all the packages I believe I need 
into R, including matchprobes.

However I cant find the probe packages for any of the chips (I need 
RGU34A) and cant work out how to make one from the Vignette "Handling 
probe sequence information: the package matchprobes".  This vignette 
says that the sequence packages should be available at the Bioconductor 
site but I cant find them.

Is there any more info out there that I can get?


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