[BioC] PLIER is available as open source

Lelivelt, Mike Mike_Lelivelt at affymetrix.com
Wed Oct 6 21:57:20 CEST 2004

Dear bioconductor community:


I would like to announce that Affymetrix has released the PLIER algorithm
SDK under a GPL open source license.  The code is available as C++ without
windows dependencies.  The SDK can be accessed at the URL below.
Documentation is included at the site.  All of us at Affymetrix hope that
releasing PLIER in this manner promotes all of the values that the
Bioconductor community embraces.





Mike Lelivelt, Ph.D. | Sr. Manager, Informatics Applications |
mike_lelivelt at affymetrix.com

AFFYMETRIX, INC. | 3380 Central Expressway | Santa Clara, CA 95051 | 


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