[BioC] ReadAffy problem sampleNames + hgu95av2

Adaikalavan Ramasamy ramasamy at cancer.org.uk
Tue May 18 17:06:42 CEST 2004

Dear all,

I am receiving this error. I think one of the previous mail suggested
upgrading the Biobase package to 1.4.* but that seems to have no effect.

> data <- ReadAffy()
Error in ReadAffy() : couldn't find function "sampleNames<-"

I am using R.1.9.0 with affy 1.4.29, Biobase 1.4.14 and tkWidgets

Another problem is updating certain packages (e.g. annotate) because it
requires package hgu95av2. Is this package given by the following dead
link http://www.bioconductor.org/data/metaData/hgu95av2_1.5.0.tar.gz

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Adaikalavan Ramasamy <ramasamy at cancer.org.uk>
Cancer Research UK

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