[BioC] "affy" installation problems

Tarun Nayar tnayar at bcgsc.ca
Thu May 13 02:41:58 CEST 2004



I've been trying to load the default Bioconductor package onto my unix
directory (I'm using putty as my windowing system for the moment, my
Xwin is temporarily down). Using the getBioC script, I can get all of
the packages besides "affy". Instead, I get the following message:


[1] "Attempting to download affy from

[1] "Download complete."

[1] "Installing affy"

sh: /home/tnayar/local/lib/R/bin/R: bad interpreter: Permission denied

>From URL:

        affy version 1.3.28


with the following warning messages:

Warning messages:


1: 'package.description' is deprecated.

Use 'packageDescription' instead.

See help("Deprecated")

2: Installation of package affy had non-zero exit status in:
installPkg(fileName, pkg, pkgVer, type, lib, repEntry, versForce)



Alternatively, when I try using a friend's "affy" package copied into my
"library" directory, I get the following message:


Error: package affy was built for  i386-pc-mingw32


Any idea what's going on?







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