[BioC] pamr.from.excel

Willy Wynant Willy.Wynant at curie.fr
Tue May 11 12:14:49 CEST 2004


I have encountered a problem with the pamr.from.excel function.

When I try to perform this function on my file it seems that I have 781 
genes whereas my files has 1000 genes. When I compare the geneid 
obtained and those who are present in my file I make the remark that 
some packages of genes have benn removed. I mean that I have the 100 
first genes and then the 20 following genes are removed and so on..... I 
really don't understand what happened !

For details I had :
Read 70470 items
Read in  781 genes
Read in  88 samples
Read in  88 sample labels
Make sure these figures are correct!!

Could you help me ?
Thank you,



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