[BioC] Linking Rosetta gene accession numbers to GO terms

John Zhang jzhang at jimmy.harvard.edu
Fri May 7 16:14:41 CEST 2004

>Is there an annotation function in BioConductor to map "Gene Accession
>Numbers" from a Rosetta chip to GO terms and vice versa?
>Here's 10 gene accession numbers as an example: 
> [1,] "Contig9452_RC" 
> [2,] "NM_003088"     
> [3,] "Contig13822_RC"
> [4,] "Contig50838_RC"
> [5,] "D42043"        
> [6,] "NM_000900"     
> [7,] "NM_001630"     
> [8,] "D42047"        
> [9,] "NM_000902"     
>[10,] "NM_000903"

The AnnBuilder package has functions that map GenBank accession number (D42043 
and alike) and RefSeq ids (NM_003088 and alike) to LocusLink ids and then build 
an annotation data package that contains GO annotations. You can do this if you 
are willing to convert the other ids (Contig9452_RC and alike) to eith GenBank, 
RefSeq, or LocusLink ids.

>I'd be grateful if someone knows how to do this.
>Kind regards,
>Jelle Goeman
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