[BioC] Interpretation of output of AffyRNAdeg and hist commands

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Fri May 7 15:27:45 CEST 2004

The table simply gives you the slope from a linear regression of the 3'
- 5' ordered means, as well as a p-value from a test of the null
hypothesis that the slope = 0. See ?AffyRNAdeg for a more in-depth

In my experience, the plot (plotAffyRNAdeg) is good for finding 'bad'
chips; I simply look for chips that have a significantly different slope
than the rest of the chips. By significant, I mean that
'eyeballometrically' it seems quite different.

The density plot (resulting from a call to hist()) is also good for
finding outlier chips. We have been having a bad run recently with
high-background chips, and these always have a distribution that is much
less right-skewed than the other chips, and is also shifted
significantly to the right. Again, this is eyeballometric analysis.

Any chip that has a significantly different shape and/or location than
the other chips in a batch invariably shows up as an outlier (as
determined by the residual plots you can do with affyPLM, and PCA on the
expression values), so I routinely re-do chips that look bad on the
density plot. Note here that location seems to be much more important
than shape.



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Dear Bioconductor Users,

	I am not clear on the meaning of the table that is output
from the AffyRNAdeg and how to use it to find bad slides.
I am also not clear on how to use the hist command to
see if the data is as it should be. I would appreciate any
pointers or literature references.

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