[BioC] how build annotation package

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Wed May 5 20:22:31 CEST 2004

The vignette for AnnBuilder should help you get started, although it is
not technically a step-by-step instruction. To get data in the specified
format you can always download the annotation .csv files from the Affy
website and paste the probe id and 'Sequence derived from' columns into
a text editor.

Alternatively, you can download the devel version of the moe430v2
package using reposTools (this may require you to use devel versions of
e.g., annaffy, GO, etc.).

install.packages2("moe430v2", develOK=TRUE)



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>>> LIANHE SHAO <lshao2 at jhmi.edu> 05/05/04 01:55PM >>>
hello everyone,
Just want to know if anybody has written a step by step instruction to
build a affymetrix annotation package. We have some moe430_2 chips (as
well as the library files) from affymetrix, but I can not find its
annotation package from bioconductor meta data section. Seems the
instruction of How to use Annbuilder only apply after you have data with
specific format (such as two columns). But now I only have the chip
library file.  


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