[BioC] problem with mva.pairs

Francesca Buffa buffa at gci.ac.uk
Wed Mar 3 21:24:25 MET 2004

Dear all,


When I try to use the function mva.pairs applied to pm("myAffyData") I never
manage to produce an outcome and my RGui section stops running. I'm using R
1.8.1 in the window version. The "myAffyData" is an AffyBatch object with
dimension of about 712x712 features (11885 kb). When I try the same on a
smaller file I don't have any problems; however I've monitored the
memory/CPU usage during the big run (where my RGui section crashes) and I
never reach my memory or CPU limits during the run (in fact I'm far below).
Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Is there a limit in the file
dimensions with mva.pairs? Any help that you can give would be very much


Thank you,





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