[BioC] Installing metadata packages..

Samuel Lattimore Sam.Lattimore at cancer.org.uk
Wed Oct 29 16:01:38 MET 2003


Im having great difficulty installing the moe430acdf environment. I have 
downloaded the moe430a metadata files, (Annotation, CDF and Probe) but i cant 
install.... any help for a new-commer to R and Bioconductor??

(im running it under SUSE  9.0)

This is my error message:

> boxplot(D)
Environment moe430acdf is not available.
This environment contains needed probe location information.
We will try to download and install the moe430acdf package.

Note: No specified download type, defaulting to Source
[1] "Attempting to download moe430acdf from BIOCcdf/"
Error in download.file(fileURL, destFile, mode = "wb", quiet = TRUE, method = 
method) :
        unsupported URL scheme



...>><xX(°>    <°)Xx><<... 


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