[BioC] u95a and u95av2

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Mon Oct 27 17:59:29 MET 2003

Hi Stephen,

please have a look at the function "combine" in the package "matchprobes"
(development version).

I would be interested in your experience with it, since we haven't been
able to test it extensively on many different suitable datasets, for the
lack of the latter.

You will most likely still have "batch effects" or "lot effects", but if
your experimental design is reasonably balanced across the two chip types,
you may still get reasonable results.

Best wishes

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On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Stephen Henderson wrote:

> Hello
> I have a dataset with a mixture of U95A and U95Av2 human chips-- which share
> the vast majority of probesets. I would like to use expresso and/or rma to
> analyse this all together. Is there a work round that will enable this??
> Stephen
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