[BioC] limma, imagene analysis

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Tue Oct 21 16:53:09 MEST 2003

Its not really clear what you are asking here, but try looking at the
help files for limma. You should probably start with the help for
read.imagene, which is a function to read your data into an RGlist for
further analysis.

You might also try looking at the limma users manual, which can be
found by typing help.start() in R, then clicking on Packages --> limma
--> Accompanying documentation --> usersguide.html



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>>> Karin Lemuth <karin.lemuth at po.uni-stuttgart.de> 10/21/03 05:16AM
Hi everybody,

I just started my phd thesis and my aim is to analyse microarrays. Now
I'm trying to analyse them with R (1.7.1). I use the limma package and
my data are created with imagene (.txt files). And I'm not able to
R understanding what I mean. I know, I have to make a matrix, but I
don't know, how I can put my data in this matrix. Maybe someone can
me with this problem, so I can go on with my work? Would be great.
Thanks a lot,


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