[BioC] Partitioning main effects.

Stephen Nyangoma S.Nyangoma at cs.rug.nl
Thu Oct 9 08:50:50 MEST 2003

Hi all,
I am doing analysis of variance. Suppose y is an observed probe
intensity value then a main effects model is  
y = Array + probe + error

Suppose there is information about the locations of probes relative to
3' end and suppose the distances from 3' fall in 2  categories (X,Y). I
am searching for a code that will enable me to partiotion probe-effect
on the basis of the distance categories (X,Y).

I want to have ANOVA table of the form, say

Sources of variation     DF          SS       MSS    F
Array                    20           A
Probe                    30           B
      X                  10           C
      Y                  20           D

where C+D = B.

Thanks for your help. Stephen.

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