[BioC] limma plots

Jason Skelton jps at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Oct 7 10:13:27 MEST 2003


I have a 6 slide experiment

I'd like to be able to plot a MA plot that combines the data from all 
six slides and takes in to consideration duplicates on the slides

I'm currently trying variations of the command
as outlined on page 9 of the Limma users guide
M <- fit$coef
A <- apply(MA$A, 1, mean)
plot(A, M etc......)

However taking into consideration the duplicates.
The lengths differ and the data cannot be plotted (not surprising)

The spacing specified in lm.series & gls.series is 320 for my arrays
so I tried to take this into consideration

A <- apply(MA$A, 1, mean, spacing=320) but of course this doesn't work
although it does seem to except the spacing function as a option ?
the length of A is twice aslong as M
apologies for my limited R knowledge.....

any ideas how I can achieve a merged MA plot from my six slides

basically I'd like to be able to plot this data and identify particular 
spots using identify()


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