[BioC] R18b and affy pack

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Fri Oct 3 16:00:40 MEST 2003

If you are willing to compile things yourself, you can download the
newest version of affy off the CVS page. I compiled yesterday's devel
version of R-1.8.0 and the CVS version of affy, and it all works fine.
The CVS page can be found on the Developer Page of Bioconductor.

See 3.1 of the R FAQ for Windows if you need help getting set up to
compile on Windows.



James W. MacDonald
Affymetrix and cDNA Microarray Core
University of Michigan Cancer Center
1500 E. Medical Center Drive
7410 CCGC
Ann Arbor MI 48109

>>> <Phguardiol at aol.com> 10/03/03 02:50PM >>>
with new version of R18beta and affy downloaded today I still get this

> library(affy)
Error in open.connection(con, "rb") : unable to open connection
In addition: Warning message: 
cannot open compressed file
Error in library(affy) : .First.lib failed

is there anything I can do...? 
or is it just that I have to waiting that everybody has fixed his
between new R and new affy ?

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