[BioC] Time series data

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc at channing.harvard.edu
Wed Oct 1 13:08:20 MEST 2003

> Is there a package capable of visualizing time series data a la Gene
> Spring?  How about for normalizing replicate time series data points?

I don't know what Gene Spring does, can you provide an example?

The Iyer517 data package is an example of a time course
experiment carried out with cDNA arrays.  This can be
visualized using the parcoord function of MASS (once
you convert the exprSet data to a matrix) and interactive
brushable graphics of the time series can be created
using ggobi/Rggobi.

If we extended the exprSet class to timedExprSet, where
there was a standard encoding of the time course, a plot
method which used one of these methods of visualization
would be straightforward.  Consider this an RFC -- do we need
it, if so what should it look like?  Or is there something
in bioc that I am forgetting about?

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