[Bioc-sig-seq] finding the final nucleotide of trimmed reads

Joern Toedling Joern.Toedling at curie.fr
Thu Aug 26 15:29:52 CEST 2010


have a look at the "shift" argument of the function consensusMatrix from

This code example should correspond to your question. Three nucleotide strings
are aligned at their last position and the sequence composition is obtained:

A <- DNAStringSet(c("ACAT", "CAT", "AGGGCGT"))
maxlen <- max(nchar(A))
consensusMatrix(A, shift=maxlen-nchar(A), baseOnly=TRUE)

I tested this with Biostrings_2.17.29, but I guess that it works with the
current release version, too.


On Thu, 26 Aug 2010 07:35:01 -0500, joseph franklin wrote
> Hi,
> I've been trimming adapters from reads using trimLRPatterns.  The 
> resulting, trimmed set contains a heterogenous mix of widths: from 
> ~18-35 nt.  Can anyone guide me toward an elegant way to find the 
> nucleotide composition of the final (right-most) cycle for each of 
> the trimmed reads?
> Many thanks,
> Joe Franklin

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