[Bioc-devel] Multiple projects for submission to Bioconductor

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Tue Jan 3 01:50:19 CET 2023

Hi Colleagues,

I am currently a PhD student in Bioinformatics at the University of Toledo,
College of Medicine and Life Sciences. I am working in the cognitive
disorders research lab (https://cdrl-ut.org) and we have been actively
developing multiple packages. We are particularly interested in
building data and analysis packages for Kinase Activity analysis.

We have a number of packages that we would like to submit to Bioconductor
for acceptance. I am currently in the process of streamlining the packages,
making sure their dependencies are clearly defined and extracting large
datasets into their own data packages.

I had a couple of questions regarding the submissions:

1. At our lab we rely heavily on Github Actions for continuous integration
and delivery. Are the actions outlined in the biocthis (
https://bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/biocthis.html) package
up to date and something we can reliably build on?
2. We have quite a few packages and there may be some packages that would
be better to go into the same release. Is it possible to submit them all
separately but have their review process be streamlined, collectively?
3. Is Bioconductor's git infrastructure set up to update from our github
repo or is there a solution we can build to push our new "release" to the
bioconductor git infra after the integration tests in github actions are

Thank you.

Dr. Ali Sajid Imami
LinkedIn <https://pk.linkedin.com/pub/ali-sajid-imami/50/956/2a6>

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