[Bioc-devel] TiSA awaiting moderation - 1 month

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Tue Feb 7 17:40:24 CET 2023

We apologize for the delay.  Normally we try to look at packages within 3-4 weeks so agreed that this is a little delayed getting back to.  We will try to reassess the package shortly.


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Hello all,

I submitted a package for bioconductor approximately two months ago (link
to issue: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1U5JBD17B1cGd1ghLEyq0j0_UiWS87gPhBJktSXNeMBZyNV0h0HLH5ofKy8rcDJ5dPc1rpb5QkfrY_jSsPsglJSLr5LtGekp2YPk2FrOG9fqbLhwoESkKrS_0XtNQSILYy8WCbyNvXdiJrul5iZbxwqV5dU5tLyWLkhiYswBOoD2wkfwnOezMSDfMVKQ79ZkKwTg6ZjKYlUvHmvZOcozLC5rjg795IU30jrLJi7hP6TeHeQ1Tsb4jy4aoy0En6cj5RIe_Ym-9RizPEvKghaA5TSs_A2iljlkKLaMyqIWzTwFKtUMfQd_Fuytw7ZhlZ5YJ/https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2FBioconductor%2FContributions%2Fissues%2F2883) and
got quick feedback at the time with the suggestion to implement
SummarizedExperiments. I have since performed these changes and commented
on the above linked issue with the changes made.

>From then on, I have received no updates. As this is my first bioconductor
submission, I am unfamiliar with potential wait times. I am in no rush,
however I simply wanted to confirm whether or not I need to continue
waiting or that perhaps it slipped through the cracks of packages needing
moderation approval?

Kind regards,

Yohan Lefol

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