[Bioc-devel] Missing dependency errors on nebbiolo1 (Bioc 3.17)

Rainer Johannes Joh@nne@@R@|ner @end|ng |rom eur@c@edu
Tue Apr 4 11:22:20 CEST 2023

Dear all,

I'm continuing to see some strange dependency problems for packages on the linux build system for Bioconductor 3.17. First time I've seen them where on the build report for snapshot 2023-03-31, and they are still there for snapshot date 2023-04-02 (build report from 2023-04-03). What I've seen so far is that most are related to `BiocStyle` missing.

Some examples are:
- ROC (missing BiocStyle)
- SCATE (missing BiocStyle)
- SC3 (missing BiocStyle)
- scTHI (missing BiocStyle)

Since they are only present on the linux build system - maybe that's something related to the setup on that particular server? Or the R version used there does not properly get all dependencies of packages?

cheers, jo

Johannes Rainer, PhD

Eurac Research
Institute for Biomedicine
Via A.-Volta 21, I-39100 Bolzano, Italy

email: johannes.rainer using eurac.edu
github: jorainer
mastodon: jorainer using fosstodon.org

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