[Bioc-devel] Package "rmspc" failing on Bioconductor devel

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Hi Meriem,

.NET 6.0 was installed on lconway, so I removed it and replaced it with .NET 5.0; however, I noticed that 5.0 is no longer supported by Microsoft, which now suggests .NET 6.0. The new version also supports Mac ARM64 whereas 5.0 does not. You may want to consider upgrading your package to work with .NET 6.0 in the future.

Jennifer Wokaty
Bioconductor Core Team

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Dear Community,

I have submitted the package rmspc to Bioconductor in July 2021. A
prerequisite for the rmspc package is .NET 5.0. Before installing the
rmspc package,
the program .NET 5.0. should already be installed on the user's computer.
The Bioconductor team added .NET to their builders and the package was
accepted in August 2021.

A few days ago, I received an email saying that the package didn't pass the
platform build check for the host *lconway*. I believe this error may have
occured because .NET isn't installed in  *lconway*.

Who should I contact regarding this issue?

Thank you!


*Meriem BAHDA*

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