[Bioc-devel] scp: Request updates on the git.bioconductor.org repository location

Kern, Lori Lor|@Shepherd @end|ng |rom Ro@we||P@rk@org
Tue Sep 27 16:16:30 CEST 2022

Sorry for the delayed response; I was away on holiday last week.   I would be glad to assist you.  A few things before resetting on git.bioconductor.org,

  1.   When I cloned your github repo locally I still see the large file.  Could you please force push to your personal github repo the cleaned repository that excludes the 57 M file.
  2.  When we reset we need the Bioconductor release branches to be synced to the github repository we clone else we will lose all the release branches git clones.  Minimally could you sync the RELEASE_3_15 branch from git.bioconductor.org and have a RELEASE_3_15 branch on your github repository that is in sync. Ideally syncing all past Bioconductor release that your package has been active for is preferred.
  3.  Also ideally the github repository we clone would not have an anxillary/extra branches outside master and RELEASE_X_Y branches.  We realize this isn't always possible but if you could, could you please remove as many stale or unneeded extra branches as possible.


Lori Shepherd - Kern

Bioconductor Core Team

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Elm & Carlton Streets

Buffalo, New York 14263

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Subject: [Bioc-devel] scp: Request updates on the git.bioconductor.org repository location

Dear Bioconductor Team,

I'm maintaining the scp package.

After running the BiocCheck, I needed to clean my git repository. I
followed the instruction here:

As the last step, I would like to request updates on the
git.bioconductor.org repository location. Would you be willing to force
push the GitHub repo to the Bioconductor repo? Or would you explain me
how I can run it myself?

Here is the link of the scp repo: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1C6iMPiGTANuffv9XQuQgBUIL7HF54vDHYd_dxaNfFhwrh39RPXU__D_7BKbT0SCux8kFZy-JzkHmIfOkXascZ76X54y07rK6YxH6oFiavvGzwB8ONOmCAihAcnCxfook9_Zz03K1NKAKXdMxGmsJGK_WsWtWu3Dhyh46T_UX1Fy0dTTs1CR3VfE31g2C1o2jibaMToNtvVSO2P_foRO58JmVQOlpYx2XiBTKo8Xvp-YjGpMxPLdOAehXMP6g1zIqk0Ank-vc2cXBdCrBSfys-AlcEwNwt1-afjMhmhYnqDF8Jh6zxe-_-I-NtNhlFao9/https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2FUCLouvain-CBIO%2Fscp

Many thanks in advance.



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