[Bioc-devel] Not receiving notice after valid push to conductor, how to check status

Jiping Wang jzw@ng @end|ng |rom northwe@tern@edu
Mon Jan 3 17:56:42 CET 2022


Do we still receive the automatic notice after pushing package updates (with version bump) to Bioconductor? I recently submitted updates of RiboDiPA package, but I didn�t receive automatic report from bioc-issue-bot? Where should I check the status of it? In the past, I remember I receive automatic update on it from bioc-issue-bot. Something like following:
�Received a valid push on git.bioconductor.org; starting a build for commit id: 93b588adba022eaf14549e97a53f45c89d19a8f9� from bioc-issue-bot using bioconductor.org
Thanks for help.

Jiping Wang

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