[Bioc-devel] Supplementing package vignette with workflow vignette

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Wed Feb 16 09:35:38 CET 2022

Dear bioc-devel,

one of the requirements for the Bioconductor package is to pass the R CMD
BUILD, including some constraints on the time. To accommodate for some
specific cases, Bioconductor implements a concept of long tests which are
excluded from the build time limit. I wonder if a corresponding concept
exists for the vignettes? I do realize the need for time constraints.
However, I think it could be of use to supplement a main vignette with
supplementary vignettes that could showcase the package use eg. on a larger
dataset. Those could have a less strict constraints policy eg. more time to
run, more resources like number of cores, RAM etc. Are there any ways to
accomplish this?

Best Maciek

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