[Bioc-devel] bioconductor package testing

Park, Adam Keebum @e|n@p@rk @end|ng |rom p@u@edu
Thu Dec 22 01:52:30 CET 2022

Dear whom it may concern,

I hope I am contacting the right person for my inquiry.

(1) I wonder how I can test a package in advance of submitting to bioconductor,  especially with respect to dependencies. Dozens of R libraries should be installed with my package.

That is, I would like to simulate BiocManager::install("my package") and check if a fresh new user can run tutorials and vignettes code without any problem.

(2) Similarly, how could I simulate running Vignette codes in my local environment? As I understood so far, codes written in a Vignette(.Rmd) will be executable after being converted to a html document and being published in the bioconductor website.


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