[Bioc-devel] PeacoQC Bioc version not in line with github repo

Philippe Hauchamps ph|||ppeh@uch@mp@ @end|ng |rom hotm@||@com
Thu Dec 15 10:09:17 CET 2022

Hi dear Bioc-devel community,

I am developing a package, CytoPipeline, which depends a.o. on PeacoQC Bioc package. A few months ago, I contributed to PeacoQC with a PR, in order to solve an issue :



My PR was subsequently validated by the package maintainer and integrated into the code base (June 2022).

However, I recently noticed that the latest changes made on the PeacoQC github repo, have not been ported to the BioC git repository.  Indeed, although PeacoQC version on Bioc is higher (1.8) than in github repo (1.7.3), the latest commits have not been included.

I already posted a message linked to the PeacoQC github issue, to request an update of the Bioc repo.
However, is there possibly some action that could be done from Bioc Devel side to gently push for this update ?



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