[Bioc-devel] Acceptable Updates Post-API Freeze

McGrath, Max MAX@MCGRATH @end|ng |rom UCDENVER@EDU
Tue Oct 19 23:46:44 CEST 2021


I'm the new maintainer for the package discordant. I've finished some updates to the package, but I am uncertain whether it would be better to update the package in 3.14 or push to the 3.15 devel branch. The key changes to the package are fixes to the C backend (now Rcpp) that prevent crashes from divide-by-zero errors, as well as a few other bug fixes. However, the changes also include altering two exported functions' default argument values (although the argument names remain the same). A more thorough list of changes is provided below. So, is it preferable to push the changes to 3.14, or should I push to the 3.15 branch?

Notable changes:

  *   Fix bugs from problematic combinations of arguments (which includes altering two argument default values)
  *   Rewrite C backend in C++ (Rcpp), catch divide-by-zero errors, fix build warning
  *   Fix data labelling bug
  *   Refactor much of the code including composing several internal functions
  *   Update Vignette from sweave to knitr (and from PDF to HTML)
  *   Update reference manual, description, namespace (add a few imports), news, readme

Thank you for your time,

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