[Bioc-devel] Strange "internal logical NA value has been modified" error

Pariksheet Nanda p@r|k@heet@n@nd@ @end|ng |rom uconn@edu
Wed Oct 13 00:43:24 CEST 2021

Hi folks,

I've been told to ask some of my more fun questions on this mailing list 
instead of Slack.  I'm climbing the ladder of submitting my first 
Bioconductor package (https://gitlab.com/coregenomics/tsshmm) and feel 
like there are gremlins that keep adding rungs to the top of the ladder. 
  The latest head scratcher from running devtools::check() is a unit 
test for a  trivial 2 line function failing with this gem of an error:

 > test_check("tsshmm")
══ Failed tests 
── Error (test-tss.R:11:5): replace_unstranded splits unstranded into + 
and - ──
Error in `tryCatchOne(expr, names, parentenv, handlers[[1L]])`: internal 
logical NA value has been modified
   1. ├─testthat::expect_equal(...) test-tss.R:11:4
   2. │ └─testthat::quasi_label(enquo(expected), expected.label, arg = 
   3. │   └─rlang::eval_bare(expr, quo_get_env(quo))
   4. └─GenomicRanges::GRanges(c("chr:100:+", "chr:100:-"))
   5.   └─methods::as(seqnames, "GRanges")
   6.     └─GenomicRanges:::asMethod(object)
   7.       └─GenomicRanges::GRanges(ans_seqnames, ans_ranges, ans_strand)
   8.         └─GenomicRanges:::new_GRanges(...)
   9.           └─S4Vectors:::normarg_mcols(mcols, Class, ans_len)
  10.             └─S4Vectors::make_zero_col_DFrame(x_len)
  11.               └─S4Vectors::new2("DFrame", nrows = nrow, check = FALSE)
  12.                 └─methods::new(...)
  13.                   ├─methods::initialize(value, ...)
  14.                   └─methods::initialize(value, ...)
  15.                     └─methods::validObject(.Object)
  16.                       └─base::try(...)
  17.                         └─base::tryCatch(...)
  18.                           └─base:::tryCatchList(expr, classes, 
parentenv, handlers)
  19.                             └─base:::tryCatchOne(expr, names, 
parentenv, handlers[[1L]])
[ FAIL 1 | WARN 0 | SKIP 0 | PASS 109 ]

The full continuous integration log is here:

The function in question is:

replace_unstranded <- function (gr) {
     idx <- strand(gr) == "*"
     if (length(idx) == 0L)
         gr[! idx],
         `strand<-`(gr[idx], value = "+"),
         `strand<-`(gr[idx], value = "-")))

Also online here:

... and the unit test is:

test_that("replace_unstranded splits unstranded into + and -", {
                  GRanges(c("chr:100:+", "chr:100:-")))
     expect_equal(replace_unstranded(GRanges(c("chr:100", "chr:200:+"))),
                  sort(GRanges(c("chr:100:+", "chr:100:-", "chr:200:+"))))

Also online here:

What's interesting is this is *not* reproducible by running 
devtools::test() but only devtools::check() so as far as I know there 
isn't a way to interactively debug this while devtools::check() is going on?

Every few days I've seen on that "internal ... value has been modified" 
which prevents me from running nearly any R commands.  Originally I 
would restart R, but then I found I could clear that error by running 
gc().  No idea what causes it.  Maybe some S4 magic?

Yes, I have downloaded the mailing lists for bioc-devel, r-devel, 
r-help, and r-package-devel and see no mention of "value has been 
modified" [1].

Any help appreciated.


[1] Mailing lists downloader:
#!/bin/bash -x

for url in 
     dir=$(basename $url)
     wget \
	--timestamping \
	--no-remove-listing \
	--recursive \
	--level 1 \
	--no-directories \
	--no-host-directories \
	--cut-dirs 2 \
	--directory-prefix "$dir" \
	--accept '*.txt.gz' \
	--relative \
	--no-parent \

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