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Hi All,

Sorry I'm not an advanced user. What is the disadvantage of pulling the default from .Random.seed? As a non-advanced user it took me way too long to figure out that set.seed() doesn't work.


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I agree with Martin. I think it is worse for beginners to falsely believe their results are deterministic when they are not. This sounds like a problem that should be solved with documentation and maybe even examples of setting the RNG seed manually.

I also worry about advanced users and pollution of RNG seed global state by having packages assign their own seed. Just sounds like a mess for little gain.


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> Hello,
> Might it instead made possible to set an RNGseed value by specifying 
> one to bpparam but still get the automated back-end selection, so that 
> it could easily be set to a particular value in an R package?
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