[Bioc-devel] printing GRanges fails

Oleksii Nikolaienko o|ek@||@n|ko|@|enko @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sun Nov 21 16:28:14 CET 2021

devel branch of my package (ramr) cannot be built due to an error which I
don't understand. Package has sample data of class GRanges, but when I try
to print it I get the following:
> library(ramr)
> data(ramr)
> class(ramr.data)
[1] "GRanges"
[1] "GenomicRanges"
> ramr.data
GRanges object with 3000 ranges and 100 metadata columns:
Error: C stack usage  7954616 is too close to the limit

This object seems to be ok in the release branch. Could anyone advise me on
further steps, please?

Best regards,
Oleksii Nikolaienko

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