[Bioc-devel] We are working on a bioinformatics project and we need help from you

Samman Mahmoud @m@hmoud @end|ng |rom @ger|@@c|@eg
Wed Mar 17 07:30:24 CET 2021

Dear Manager,

We are working on a project that will serve bioinformaticians around the
globe by providing information regarding the new trends in bioinformatics
through statistical analysis and text mining.
*We would need Bioconductor to provide us with the questions and answers
that were posted in the last 5 years (from post number 80000 to 9135520).
We will use it in our database where we will use it only for statistical
analysis and data mining. We will acknowledge  Bioconductor team fro
providing us this data.You can provide us the data in text format.*

         *Alsamman M. **Alsamman*
*Agriculture Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI)*
*Agriculture Research Center (ARC)*
*Address :               9 Gamaa Street, Giza, Egypt, **PO Box 12619. *
*             Fax:                       +202-35731574*
*             Mobile   :               **+202-010*

*WorkTel:                +202-35729057 / +202-35739751*
*Emails :                   smahmoud using ageri.sci.eg <SMahmoud using ageri.sci.eg>**
or SammanMahmoud using gmail.com <SammanMahmoud using gmail.com> *

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