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Dear Fabrício,

As far as I know, there's no explicit license on the documentation of a package, and I'm not sure the the package/software licence applies to documentation. I would explicitly mention that the figure (and possibly the vignette) is released under a CC-BY (or any alternative) to be on the safe side. If I had more time on my hands, I would probably add a CC-BY statement in each of my vignettes.

I recently wanted to re-use a figure from another vignette and was able with the help of Hervé the track the original author and asked directly (on twitter) for permission to re-use it (with credit). A licence would make that straightforward.

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Hi, all.

I am writing a vignette for a package I plan to submit next week, and I would like to include a figure explaining the package's algorithm. However, I would also like to include this figure in the paper that describes the package. Does anyone know if including the same figure in the vignette and in the paper would result in copyright issues with the journal?



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