[Bioc-devel] Issue removing large data files from git history

Murphy, Alan E @@murphy @end|ng |rom |mper|@|@@c@uk
Wed Feb 24 18:25:43 CET 2021


I have recently moved my data to an ExperimentHub package and thus need to clean my statistical package's git history. I followed the guides from both the Bioconductor help page and BFG cleaner pages:


These appeared to have worked, I set the limit to 5MB and pushed the changes. Now when I run the clean-up I get the following message:

Warning : no large blobs matching criteria found in packfiles - does the repo need to be packed?

So it appears nothing remains over the 5MB size but when I locally run BiocCheck() the warning message persists:

WARNING: The following files are over 5MB in size:      '.git/objects/pack/pack-bb385fcbe4bf53b933abe467a62cd836461ac322.pack'

Does anyone have experience dealing with an issue like this? The repository is in the following location if anyone is curious:


Kind regards,

Alan Murphy
Neurogenomics lab
UK Dementia Research Institute
Imperial College London

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